Minggu, 13 Maret 2011


almost 2 months left since they cameback to india. now, i'm hoping that they still in here, in jakarta, indonesia. in a same country....at least it can make us to meet easily. until now, there were many things and many places which made me remember them, especially in myschool. okay, lets show the great pictures with them, mybelovedFriends.....:')

when they were in jakarta with us..............

atiya's house

our trio kwek kwek; rahul, pankit, &sahil:D

saung angklung mang udjo, Bandung

alpus 3's hall

from sahil to us..........

ASEAN building


IPTEK museum

farewell at alpus 3

Soekarno Hatta, 12-01-2011

soekarno hatta, 22-01-2011

farewell night

conference room

we also have many memorable pictures on our facebook,
and...........lets introduce them

Deekshant khitoliya
best partner everwhen i met him at the first time, i was nervous. but, after we talked more i felt that he was a goodboy, very very goodboy. he was sweet, kind, but he was very shy boy. some of my friends asked me about him, "raisaaaaa your partner is sooo sweet" hahaha and then i told it to deekshant, and he blushed.........hahahha and we had a nickname to him, 'Deeky'. what a cutie nickname! sometimes he made me came to school lately, but, now i'm missing him. no one can make me late to go to school, there isnot deeky again........here. he always ask me "what happen with you"..........everytime i felt not fine. we gave 'the most unyu' award to him:-) he is mybrother, since we stayed together, until now........and i'm still remember when he told me, not to crying again at airport, and then 10 minutes after that.....deeky cried. hahaha he looked like a little boy who lost his parents at airport heheheeeee so cute;-P i will keep the letter which you gave to me, that's so sweet letter. thankyou for being mypartner in here, you are the best

Anurag Mishra
i knew him before he went to indonesia, when we went to city tour in india together. and when he came to here, we talked more......more more about everything. he's hosted by vina. he made me laughed everytime i sad. he always tell me about his problems, so do i. sometimes he gave me advices (i won't forget it) he was very sweetboy. he also loved to eat chewing gum ;P i'm still remember when he gave chewing gum to me, because i told him that i want it hehehe and see the second picture! he wrote my name in hindi's language. everyday he say to me on chat, "miss u"...if i can say it also to you in front of your face.......:( when we were on the facebook chat, he wrote on chat some sweetwords that made me cry...again. i will always remember you, anu......

Pankit Arora
he's hosted by andy. He was also one of the indians who made me cried because of......his words. one day after he came back to india, january 23rd 2011 was his birthday. and all of us can't say happy birthday in front of his face:( just by call. and then we cried because he sent messages for us, he said thankyou blablabla and his words were sooooooo sweet;"") twice i saw him cried in indonesia! how sweet he is................i always say 'wig hair' to pankit, and once i touched his hair...........its natural. hahahhahaha. pankit was one of myBest arabic student;) he's still remember about arabic words that i gave to him. he was the craziest man in our team! hehe. his favorite words were "This's nothhhhing" hahaha and he added "in india we can....blablabla" pankit, was a verynice boy;)

Sahil Gandhi
the most 'Narsis' boy in our team! hahahaha becauseeeeeee he always takes photos too much everywhere. before he came to jakarta, we met first in india, and talked on facebook chat. i thought sahil was a calm boy, BEFORE he came here. but after he came and talked moremore with us.............he was very talkative-_- he's hosted by kadewi. he was very close with pankit and rahul, "trio kwek kwek" hahahha. sahil had many fans in al azhar, and most of them were girls ahahahhaa. i was afraid of sahil's face, because sometimes he showed me his scary face. i always remember him when i was listening to "break your heart" song, because he always play this song when he was in kadewi's car. and one thing that im still remember about you, at airport, he said to us "aku akan rindu kamu" it was sweet. and i never forget that you ever made my toycamera fell! ahaahahhahaha. there were many memories with you, sahil

Rahul Bhandari
rahul! the funniest boy:D he was very funny boy.he's hosted by diwang. i always like his smile, hahahha. rahul's rishabh brother, one of myfriends in india. he always act like babyboy, with his face&voice. i'm still remember when he was saying "bieeeeeeeeeeeee" and "haiiiiiiiiiiiiii" with his voice, myfavorite. he was one of trio kwek kwek. he danced because he got the best score when the indians were trying the TOEFL test ha ha-_- and..................the funniest moment when suddenly he said "selamat datang facebook" in conference room in front of us hahahahaha i didnt know why he knew about it, maybe at home diwang used bahasa on his facebook ahahhahaha........so, rahul was a very funny boy with nice smile ahahha

Amit Rajput
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmittttttttttttt was a nice boy with funny laughter;-D he was very care. he's hosted by aga. he was the "Most Up to Date" boy in our team! ahahahahaha and he bought manythings in indonesia, i thought he loves shopping. i knew many things about amit from aga. i also knew that amit likes kwetiau ;p anddddddddddddd one of mysenior likes amit, hahaha because she said that amit was a very cute boy. UNYUUUUUUUUUUUU hahaahhaha. come back to indonesia, amit, aga's missing you! ahahahahah i'm alsoooooo!

Vibhor Goel
he was a nice person. he's also rashi goel's brother. he was hosted by atiya. he was the most polite in our team:-) he was looking good with atiya, goodpartner-host hahhahaha. hope that we can meet someday with all of you:-DDDDDDDDDD

Navya Chawla
navya was a nice girl. she's hosted by ibel. she had very goodtimes with us, because when she had birthday on january, she celebrated it here. we gave surprise to her at 12 o'clock, and she also got the gifts from ibel.nice to know you

Ruchi Jain
she's hosted by dara. and i had many times with her because dara and me were often to go home together. she was very nice, and she loved to gossip hahahahha. ruchi and navya were two nice indian girls who came to indonesia:-)nice to meet you